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Edmondo Tassi
Business Architect
Largo Salvo D'Acquisto, 13
02100 - Rieti (RI) - Italy
Telefax: +39 (0)*746.20.39.73
P. IVA : 01053640577
e-mail : postmaster@id4ea.com

* dall'estero
ID4EA's whitepapers (Acrobat))
The Upside Framework
   - an outlook inside a new ID4EA framework for Enterprise Architecture
Micrologistics on medium-size company: a truly value chain
   - how it implements a value chain when logistic operations are atomized
Balance mandatory and regulatory trends
   - a new creative finance and new ethical insurance

ID4EA's Job opportunities (Acrobat)
No new job position available at the moment... coming soon.

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